Sharon Gardner
Actor, Producer, Writer, Mama,Vocalist with The MutherFathers, Green Thumb, Foodie, Curious Explore

TAPS, drama short 

Wins "Best Student Short", Sharon Wins "Best Supporting Actress" 

Director Levi Tariff Wins "Best Student Filmmaker" 
Global Film Festival Awards, June 2020, 
"Best Student Director" Gold Award, 2019 Independent Shorts Festival 
Writer/ director Levi Tariff helmed a strong team of filmmakers from the USC M.F.A. program to bring this deeply personal story to the screen.  I play Nancy, who, while at her adored husband's funeral, comes into conflict with her eldest son (embodied with moving vulnerability by Louie Chapman), who's method of mourning is in strong contrast to her own.  Will the two learn to respect each other's journey and restore their family? 
TAPS will come to the big screen as a feature.
Bringing wit to drama and depth to comedy, Sharon is smart and strong, with a soupçon of sass.

 Her heart is in charge, no matter what her head may tell you.